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At Value City Pharmacy & Compounding, NYC’s top retail compounding pharmacy, you can expect fast, friendly, service from our staff of well-trained pharmacists and technicians.

We use the latest in pharmacy tech and modern-day facilities to make sure you get your prescriptions WHEN YOU WANT! and HOW YOU WANT!




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Clients Testimonials

I’ve lived in the neighborhood for over 30 years, but only recently started using Value City to fill my prescriptions. I love their service! They’re very organized, my prescriptions are always done on time, sometimes even early, and there’s never a long wait.

Alice Gianelli

My son is prescribed special medication for an illness he’s had since he was a toddler, part of his illness makes swallowing pills very difficult for him. At Value City, the pharmacists created a custom-made liquid version just for him. I am so thankful to the entire staff, they’ve got a customer for life in me!

Annabelle Luisitano

The pharmacists and staff here are so smart and helpful. They take their time with customers answering questions (sometimes before I even ask them!), and I really have come to value their opinions.

Dan Fisk

My wife and I are both diabetic and we love Value City. They have a huge selection diabetic products and carry all our medications. And everything is very reasonably priced.

Lawrence Rivera

I have a lot of allergy issues and my doctor recommended that I try out Value City to fill my scrips. They created custom medications and recommend special supplements, just for me and my allergy needs. It feels so good not having to read labels and worry about an allergic reaction.

Gary Marino

Value City is the best, the staff is knowledgeable and genuinely caring. They speak Spanish with my mother and help her get all her prescriptions filled and all the vitamins she needs. It’s such a relief having them, especially right in the neighborhood.

Wendy Burgos

I have a rare skin issue, and find it really difficult finding my medication near my house in the Bronx. Value City is the only place in the city I know of that carries my skin cream, and for a good price as well!

Tina Chan

My dermatologist uses Value City pharmacy to call in his prescriptions. I’m so glad I found out about this place. They have my custom medication, and a bunch of natural supplements and organic products. Stuff you can’t find anywhere else. After coming here, I would never go back to my neighborhood CVS again!

Mikhail Groysman

Value City is the best pharmacy in the entire city! They make filling and refilling scrips so easy online or by phone. They even send me text reminders when my medications are ready, and give me consultations over the phone whenever I need.

Winnie Xiao

I’ve never been to a private pharmacy before, but after Value City I can’t go back to the big chains. The service is personal and they treat you like a person, not just a customer. The staff is young but very well trained, they get things done quickly, and know a lot about their products.

Jamie Alvarez

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